How to check my open requirements?

  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. Click the Admissions tab.
    Screen Shot 04-19-16 at 10.07 AM
  3. Click Once You’ve applied.
    Screen Shot 04-19-16 at 10.07 AM 001
  4. Under Missing Application Documents click View Folder Items.
    Screen Shot 04-19-16 at 10.13 AM
  5. Here you can check your admissions status. As you can see, this student still needs to submit there tuition deposit and take the accuplacer test.
    Screen Shot 04-25-16 at 12.26 PM 001
  6. By clicking on View Admission Status in Step #4 you may also see this screen showing your current status.
    Screen Shot 04-25-16 at 12.27 PM