Adobe Student/Staff Sign in

As of 2019 Adobe has changed the way we License Adobe Creative Cloud Products. The way you sign into Adobe has changed.  Student/Staff can still use their school assigned email to sign up for the Student Discount on Adobe products.

If signing in on EMCC Campus

Mac Lab, Digital Graphic Laptops, and 3 Library iMac(New of 2019)

When you use Adobe Products in the Mac lab or Digital Graphics Lab, The first thing you want to do is open an Adobe Product. The Adobe Program will ask you to sign in. Type your Student email in ( then you will be prompted with a screen shown below. You must choose Enterprise ID to sign in.

After you choose Enterprise ID you will be presented with a different sign in page shown below. To sign in type your student email ( and the password is your password for your Student Email.

Signing in at home or off Campus

Personal Adobe ID

If you are signing in at Home or on a personal computer you will need to choose Adobe ID. You Adobe ID is The email and password you used to purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud for personal use, If you used your school email you will need to choose Adobe ID as screen shown below.


After you choose Adobe ID you will be brought to this screen shown below. The password will be what you made when creating the Adobe ID


If you See the screen below you may have used the wrong Choice of Sign in on the Application, Your Adobe will not be activated. You will get a trial message seen below. To fix just sign out or Choose License product, and sign in with the correct Adobe Sign in type using your credentials