EMCC needs a fast, mobile way to notify the campus community in the event of an emergency on campus. While EMCC will continue to use additional campus communication systems, the alerts provided by Rave, including text, phone, and email messages give us a unique way to rapidly notify large numbers of people.


To access your Rave please go to https://my.emcc.edu and login in the top right corner with your student ID# and your EMCC student password.

Once you have logged in, navigate to the “My Account” Tab, located on in the top left area of the page.



Next you will want to click “Rave” on the right side of your screen.



The final step is to input your phone and email, check the two boxes marked “Text” and “Voice” also.


Once you are done click save. You will now get Emergency alerts and school cancellations sent right your phone and email!