1. Logon to Papercut by going to
Use your full email address and password.


2. Click Redeem Card on the left navigation menu. Enter the card number given to you by the business office, then
click Redeem Card. That’s it, your 100 additional pages should show up in your available print total.

Every student receives 350 pages for free each semester. Additional pages may be purchased from the Business Office at a cost of $5 for 100 pages.

In an effort to reduce paper waste EMCC now uses PaperCut! This  program gives students 350 prints per semester on campus. After that, any student can purchase 100 more prints for only $5.00. This initiative will help students think twice about the environment before printing excessive pages of any document. Students will now also have the ability to print wirelessly in most campus buildings! The procedure for using PaperCut can be seen in the video above or go to MyEMCC or to learn more!

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