Below are the instructions you will need to forward all of your email to another email account. Please be advised that email sent directly from your student email account will never be blocked by our spam filter. However, email sent from personal accounts such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, especially those with attachments, can be blocked by the spam filter at any time. It is the students responsibility to make sure faculty/staff have received your correspondence. Therefore, it is highly advised that you send all your correspondence using your EMCC email account.


  1. Go to
  2. Logon with your email address and password.
    Screen Shot 05-18-15 at 10.23 AM
  3. Click the Mail tile. If you do not see the Mail tile click the grid at the top left of your screen to see the tiles.
    Screen Shot 05-18-15 at 10.24 AM
    Screen Shot 05-18-15 at 10.24 AM 001
  4. Click the gear on the top left of your screen, then click options.
    Screen Shot 05-18-15 at 10.25 AM 001
  5. Underneath Mail -> Accounts, click on Forwarding. Enter the email address you would like to forward all of your email to. It is also recommended that you check the box that says Keep a copy of forwarded messages…
    Screen Shot 05-18-15 at 10.29 AM
  6. Once complete any email sent to your student email account should now show up in the Inbox of your personal email.
  1. Open the Pages file you want to convert / save to Word format into the Pages app for OS X
  2. Go to the “File” menu and choose “Export To”, then select “Word” from the submenu list
  3. pages-export-word-format
  4. At the “Export Your Document” screen and under the ‘Word’ tab, click the triangle next to ‘Advanced Options’
  5. export-pages-file-as-word-doc-format

  6. Select the appropriate Word file format to use: “.docx” for compatibility with the newest versions of Microsoft Office and Word, or “.doc” for greater compatibility with older versions of Word – then click “Next”
  7. Give the new Word file a name as usual, select a destination to save the file to, and choose “Export”
  8. pages-saving-word-docx-file

OneDrive Cloud Storage for Students


OneDrive is a place where you can store, sync, and share your student files.  As part of Office 365, OneDrive lets you update and share your files from anywhere and work on Office documents with others at the same time.

Begin by going to your EMCC email.


Screen Shot 06-28-16 at 09.58 AM

Sign in with your EMCC email login.

Screen Shot 06-28-16 at 09.59 AM

Screen Shot 06-28-16 at 09.59 AM 001

Click “One Drive”

Screen Shot 06-28-16 at 09.59 AM 002

This is what your OneDrive Cloud will look like.

Screen Shot 06-28-16 at 10.00 AM


Screen Shot 06-28-16 at 10.01 AM


Sync will make a local copy on your PC. Only do this on your personal computer. Don’t Sync on a college lab computer.

Screen Shot 06-28-16 at 10.01 AM 001


Alternative way to use OneDrive

While you are writing a paper in Word, you can save the file directly to your OneDrive.

Go to “File” and check “Account” to ensure that you are already signed in. If you aren’t, go ahead and sign in with your EMCC email and password.

Screen Shot 06-28-16 at 10.02 AM

Now select “OneDrive Eastern Maine Community College” and “Browse” recent files.

Screen Shot 06-28-16 at 10.02 AM 001

Anything you save in this folder using this alternative method will be saved to the OneDrive Cloud. You can access it from any computer as long as you sign in with your EMCC student email account and perform the steps outlined in this tutorial.











Before You Begin

  • Please read through the entire process once to make sure you understand all of the steps.
  • The process for installation and screenshots may differ slightly as changes are always being made by Microsoft.
  • It is highly suggested that you begin this process where high speed internet access is available. The installation process requires that about 900MB of setup files are downloaded to your local machine and this could take a VERY long time over a slow connection.
  • There are two methods to installing Office 365, we recommend using the first method because it is much faster over the wireless network. However if you run into problems, please use the second method.

First Method (Recommended)

Bring your laptop into the IT Department. We have USB devices which you may use to install Office365 on your machine. This method will be MUCH faster than installing over the Wifi because the data is already downloaded to the USB disk. Note: This process will still take 20-30 minutes, so please set aside the appropriate amount of time.

Second Method (Not recommended over campus wifi)
Over the campus wireless network, this can take as long as one hour, maybe more, therefore we recommend that you complete this procedure from home. If that is not an option for you, please contact the IT Department for assistance.

  1. Go to and logon with your student email and MyEMCC password
    Screen Shot 05-18-15 at 11.36 AM
  2. Once logged in, click the orange box install in the bottom right corner. You might also want to uncheck the two boxes above.
    Screen Shot 05-18-15 at 11.38 AM
  3. You will receive a popup prompting you to download a file. Check the Save File radio button, then click Save File
    Screen Shot 05-18-15 at 11.39 AM
  4. When the download is finished, go to your downloads directory, find the file, and double-click it.
    Then click Run to begin the installation process.
    Screen Shot 05-18-15 at 11.40 AMScreen Shot 05-18-15 at 11.40 AM 001
  5. Office will begin downloading the necessary files and setting up the software.
    Screen Shot 05-18-15 at 11.41 AM
  6. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, you may see this screen.
    As stated above, the install process needs to download about 900MB of data, which
    may take a very long time over a slow connection.
    Screen Shot 05-18-15 at 11.49 AM
  7. The next step is to accept the EULA and sign in to Office365, which essentially activates your copy.
    Screen Shot 05-18-15 at 12.58 PMScreen Shot 05-18-15 at 12.58 PM 001Screen Shot 05-22-15 at 07.54 AM
  8. Type your EMCC student email address in the box provided, then click next and enter your password.
    Screen Shot 05-22-15 at 07.55 AMScreen Shot 05-22-15 at 07.56 AM
  9. Then click next at the OneDrive screen, choose your background, and take a quick tour if you wish. The click All Done at the last screen.
    Screen Shot 05-18-15 at 12.59 PMScreen Shot 05-18-15 at 12.59 PM 001Screen Shot 05-18-15 at 12.59 PM 002Screen Shot 05-18-15 at 12.59 PM 003
  10. That is it, Office 365 is installed and ready to go. Click your Start button, then All Programs and find the item labeled Microsoft Office 2013. Congratulations on your new, free office software.
    Screen Shot 05-19-15 at 08.08 AM
    Screen Shot 05-19-15 at 08.07 AM

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