EMCC Password Portal

Password Portal

  1. Go to: https://password.emcc.edu
  2. Login with your username and your current password
  3. Once you are logged in, you will see the box below. Click the box that says Click Here
  4. Fill out the Security Questions, then click Enroll
  5. You should see this message.
  6. Now, it is highly suggested that you change your password. Click Change Password in the header.
  7. Now choose a password that complies with the following:
    • Must not be a palindrome
    • Must not have 5 consecutive characters from username
    • Minimum length should be at least “8”
    • Number of special characters to include “1”
    • Must contain both upper and lowercase characters
    • Number of numerals to include “1”
    • Must not contain 5 consecutive characters from your old password
    • May not contain dictionary words

If you do not remember your old password, you will need to reset it using the old process first.

  1. Go to http://my.emcc.edu
  2. Click Reset Passowrd (Students Only). You can safely ignore the Students Only language for this step.
  3. Enter your ID number
  4. Answer your security question or click switch to identity questions
  5. Now reset your password, choose anything, because we are going to have to reset it using the new system anyway.
  6. As soon as this is done, you must now reset your password in the new system. Following the instructions here: https://faq.emcc.edu/ufaqs/how-to-enroll-in-the-new-password-portal-change-your-password/

There are a few places and here they are:

    1. First of all, here is the direct link https://password.emcc.edu
    2. You can find the links on sharepoint: https://intranet.emcc.edu under Important Links
    3. And under Quick Links on MyEMCC

This utility will help you create a password, just make sure all the boxes to the right are selected.


A mobile app is provided by our new service. The app is available for both Android and iOS below:

    1. For iOS, scan the barcode or follow the link to the App Store
      adssp-iphone-large-qr  adssp-iphone-large-qr
    2. For Androidadssp-iphone-large-qr    adssp-iphone-large-qr
    3. Once the app is installed, open it, and click Server Settings
    4. Then enter the interface exactly as above, make sure to choose https
    5. That’s it! Enjoy being able to change your password on the go

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