Getting Started at EMCC

Please note your EMCC email address is not created until you have fulfilled all open requirements with Admissions. Please see “How to check my open requirements?” and/or the enrollment checklist for details.

If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact the Admissions Office at 974-4680.

Signing into your email:

1.Go to MyEmcc and click on Student Email or go to

2. Logon using your full student email address and the password you setup using these instructions

3. You will be asked to stay signed in Please choose No if using a public computer

4.Welcome to your EMCC email account.

IMPORTANT: Instructors will only use your EMCC email address for official correspondence regarding your classes. It is your responsibility to make sure your email is functioning properly before classes begin. Please contact the IT Department at the 974-4678 should you have any problems that need to be addressed.

Your ID number can be found on:

  1. Acceptance Letter in your Admissions Packet. Please see the example letter below.

  2. A copy of your scheduleSnipImage



1. Go to
2. Go to the EMCC Campus Password Reset located on the MyEMCC Home page.
3. Enter in your Student ID:


4. Answer your security question


5. Choose a new password.


Student Logon Information

IT Help Desk number 974-4678

MyEMCC Portal

Username: Student ID Number (Would have been provided in a letter from Admissions Office)

MyEMCC Password can be changed or reset on the MyEMCC Portal Home Page.

Student Email

EMCC will only send emails to your student email account. Please see below for instructions on how to access.

Link for student email:

Log in with your email address ( and the password you use for MyEMCC.

Using Campus Computers

Username: Email address provided by EMCC

Example: John Doe – username is

Password: Same password as MyEMCC Password.

Wireless Access

Same credentials as “Using Campus Computers”

Note: If your laptop goes into Stand-By you will need to re-authenticate to the wireless.

Campus Printing

Each student is given 350 prints per semester. A student is able to purchase more prints from the Business Office, if needed. An additional 100 prints will costs $5. When you are logged into a campus computer your print count will be displayed.

Students can print from their own laptops by logging onto MyEMCC and selecting the wireless printing option that is on the left navigation pane. The student will then be required to log in and select the appropriate wireless printer.

Changing Your Password

Users are able to change their password by going to MyEMCC. On the home page is a form that allows users to enter in the following information to change their password: ID number, full first name, last name, social security number and birthdate. Please note this password change will affect the following accounts and passwords: your MyEMCC password; your password for logging onto the computers on campus, your password for logging into wireless and your Student email password. Help Desk 974-4678

  1. Go to or type in
  2. Go to the EMCC Campus Password Reset located on the MyEMCC Home page.
  3. Enter in your Student ID. If you do not know your Student ID, see “How do I find my Student ID number?”
  4. Answer a set of Identity Questions. If you do not have a Social Security Number, please enter 0000.
    1. If you still get an error, please contact the IT Department at 974-4678 for assistance.
      Screen Shot 05-19-15 at 10.33 AM
  5. Choose a new password that is at least 8, but no more than 12, characters long, contains a minimum of one number and one uppercase letter. You will know you have chosen a valid password when ALL of the text to the right turns green and the Set Password button is displayed. Click Set Password. This password will be used for all of your campus logins including MyEMCC, Student Email, RAVE, on-campus computer and wireless access.
  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. Click the Admissions tab.
    Screen Shot 04-19-16 at 10.07 AM
  3. Click Once You’ve applied.
    Screen Shot 04-19-16 at 10.07 AM 001
  4. Under Missing Application Documents click View Folder Items.
    Screen Shot 04-19-16 at 10.13 AM
  5. Here you can check your admissions status. As you can see, this student still needs to submit there tuition deposit and take the accuplacer test.
    Screen Shot 04-25-16 at 12.26 PM 001
  6. By clicking on View Admission Status in Step #4 you may also see this screen showing your current status.
    Screen Shot 04-25-16 at 12.27 PM

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