MyEMCC Questions

When is this topic covered in the video? (min:sec)

  • How to Reset Password – 2:10
  • How to email my instructor/classmates – 4:07
  • Coursework / Assignments – 4:55
    • Discussion Board – 5:20
    • Basic Assignment – 8:35
    • File Upload Assignment – 10:15
    • Exam/Quiz – 11:48
  • Resources – 15:15

0:00-2:12 Where to login and how to reset my password if I can’t login?
2:13-2:45 How to access my courses online.
3:00-3:44 What is the Overview?
3:45-4:55 What is the Roster? How to email students/faculty is explained here.
4:57-5:45 How do I access my courseork?
5:48- 8:01 How do I use the Discussion Forum?
8:01-13:17 Coursework further explained (How to submit an assignment, how to take an online exam.)
13:20-14:25 Accessing your Gradebook.
14:30-15:12 News and Announcements explained.
15:15-16:25 Resources (explains Handouts and Bookmarks) (This is where the instructor puts up word documents, PowerPoints, and links to external websites)
16:28-17:18 Course Calendar explained.
17:20-18:11 Getting the Syllabus.
18:12-19:15 How to use Chat.
19:18-19:44 Your attendance in the class explained.
19:45-20:02 Course Information explained. (Room number, location of class, etc.)
20:05-20:42 Conclusion of tutorial (IT Dept. contact info is 974-4678)

On Windows
    1. Click on the wireless icon in your notification area.

    2. Choose EMCC, then click connect.
    3. Wait for your laptop to connect to the wireless network.

    4. You should then see the icon change to look like one of the pictures below.
Screen Shot 05-28-15 at 02.59 PM 001 Screen Shot 05-29-15 at 12.35 PM

5. If you see the icon to the left, you should be all set. If you see the icon to the right, you still need to authenticate to the wireless network. Open up either Internet Explorer or Firefox. (Chrome is NOT recommended for authentication to the EMCC wireless network) You should be presented with the logon screen below. Enter your full student email address and you password then click continue.

6. You should now be authenticated to the wireless network and able to surf the internet.

For those people whom may have some privacy concerns regarding your picture being visible in MyEMCC, you may hide your photo by following these steps.

  1. Login to MyEMCC
  2. Click the MyAccount Page, then click Change Options under Account Center
    Screen Shot 01-06-17 at 02.23 PM
  3. Check the box that says Hide Picture and click save (make sure your security questions are filled in)
    Screen Shot 01-06-17 at 02.11 PM 001
  4. Done. Your picture will no longer be seen by anyone in MyEMCC

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